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The artists represented by Editions Limited Galleries are an eclectic group. In our 35-year history, we have published an incredible range of work. Internationally famous museum artists, such as Edward Hopper, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne and Albert Bierstadt, as well as successful contemporary artists like Leroy Neiman, Robert Ginder, James Del Grosso, David Muench, Carr Clifton and Robert Glenn Ketchum are represented in our exclusive collection. However, we also specialize in showcasing emerging artists. Discovering new talent is an integral part of our business and essential to our success.

When selecting artists and artwork, Editions Limited has a long tradition of working with artists who present their images with a unique perspective and who have something new to say. We find the top artists in their respective fields, from still life photography to landscape and abstract painting. We seek talented work that demonstrates excellent technique, extraordinary color and interesting subject matter.

Unlike most publishers, Editions Limited operates a full fine art gallery that caters to Bay Area designers and collectors. We inventory and handle a wide range of original paintings, prints and sculptures from artists across the country and internationally. It is this unique aspect of Editions Limited that gives us a leading edge in the art publishing world.