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About Editions Limited

As a wholesale publisher and distributor of poster Images, Editions Limited invites all qualified art entrepreneurs to become a customer. As one of the few companies in the industry with no minimum order requirements we make it easy for all customers to do business with us.

Here are two easy ways to establish an account with Editions Limited.

1. Establish an Online "MyEditions" Account

By filling out our secure online credit application, you can establish both an online "MyEditions" Account and an offline Trade Account. Or download our Credit Application PDF print it, fill out the information and fax it to 510-923-9777.

A MyEditions account will enable you to order our wholesale products online, manage your account, view current and past orders, check inventory and track orders.

To establish an online/offline account, please read our Terms and Conditions, and then click here to fill out our online credit application. Our customer service department will contact you within 24 hours.


2. Order Our Hard-Copy Catalog

You can order our Catalog for $45.00. After making your selections, please contact the customer service department at 800-228-0928 or by e-mail at to establish an account.

Click Here to Order a Catalog.

Click Here for a Fax Order Form (PDF).

The terms for all new accounts are prepaid or C.O.D. until open account terms are established. Before processing your first order we must verify your resale number to ensure that you are a qualified reseller of art products. Once your account is open you will receive the standard industry discount from the suggested retail prices. You can earn greater price discounts as the volume of your business increases. Please read our detailed Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions statement is also located in the back of our catalog.